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  • Dumpster Diving and Curb Crawling

    Dumpster diving: The art of seeking out items found in commercial or residential dumpsters that are still perfectly good and why would anybody throw this away?! Curb crawling: The art of driving slowly down residential streets in search of discarded furniture, TV’s, or even large boxes or broken lumber to be used or repurposed elsewhere. […] More

  • Crafting a Vegan World

    Vegan crafting is sort of a tricky subject. While a lot of folks equate veganism with environmentalism, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I do believe, though, that the mindset that goes along with veganism can help you make greener choices in your crafting. More

  • What’s Your Crafty New Year’s Resolution?

    Did you take the handmade pledge this holiday season? We love a handmade holiday around here, but what about the rest of the year? Your New Year’s resolution is a great time to reflect on what handmade means to you and set your crafty intentions for the new year!

  • Crafters Making a Difference

    At its heart, crafting is about channeling our creative energy into something tangible. Sometimes we keep what we make, sometimes we sell it, sometimes we give our creations as gifts. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use our crafty skills to help people in need?

    There are tons of crafty charities out there doing just that! Here are a few options for charitable crafting. More

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