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  • Vegan Crafting Made Easy: A Vegan Beeswax Alternative

    We have been all about the beeswax this week! Julie shared a recipe for natural beeswax furniture polish on Monday and then a whole roundup of beeswax crafts yesterday. I’ve got to say that as a vegan crafter, I want to get in on all this eco-friendly waxy action! But since beeswax comes from bees, that makes it off limits for vegan crafting purposes. So! I did a bit of digging and turned up a great vegan beeswax alternative! More

  • bunting

    What does green crafting mean to you?

    I’ve had a few conversations recently about eco-friendly crafts and supplies that have made it really clear to me that green crafting is not a black and white thing. Like so many other things, there’s definitely a continuum with green crafting, and lately I’ve started to wonder how “green” a project needs to be for it to be an eco craft. More

  • How-to: Make Lovebird Wristwarmers from Sweater Sleeves

    Brr! It’s getting chilly out there again. Wristwarmers can add an extra layer of cozy to your winter look, but the store-bought kind often aren’t the most eco-friendly. Chances are, they’re mass-produced in a factory using conventional cotton (with all of the issues that come along with it). You can skip the human rights and environmental issues, though, and make your very own set of wristwarmers out of a thrift store sweater instead! Here’s how. More

  • Reader Question: Food Safe Fabric for Sandwich Bags

    A reader recently wrote in with a great question about finding a food-safe fabric for making snack and sandwich bags. She was specifically looking for a laminated cotton fabric that was eco-friendly. In digging to answer this question, I found a ton of information and a few ideas for the safest ways to make reusable snack bags that are at least semi leak proof. More

  • Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas

    Here at CAGW, we are decking the halls with some handmade cheer, wrapping up the last of our handmade gifts, and spending some good old quality time with friends and family. You’re probably doing the same, but just in case you want to get your last-minute Christmas craft on, we’ve got some projects for you! More

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