Carnival of Green Crafts #7

carnival of green craftsWelcome to the seventh Carnival of Green Crafts!

This one had an extra day to percolate while I was on my way home from Colorado, the state where my environmental consciousness was born when I was in high school.

And though that means the Carnival is a day late, is by no means a dollar short.Β  So sit back and enjoy this collection of green and crafty goodness.

Before we begin, a few administrative notes: The eighth Carnival will be hosted at Things We Make, which is part of the Hallmark Magazine website! Send in your posts via the carnival submission form. The Carnival of Green Crafts home page has background info.

Now on to the carnival!

Paper and Plastic

Three Girl Pileup mashed up a bunch of different papermaking instructions and then mashed up a bunch of “pre-used” paper to make their own recycled paper.Β  I have never seen anyone use an immersion blender for this purpose before.

Over at Craft Stew, Annette has pulled together a great collection of links to information about Paper Bead Jewelry for Adults:

When I was in 8th grade, we made paper bead jewelry in art class. The beads came out looking childish and the jewelry looked homemade. I was turned off of paper bead jewelry for the next 30 years. Recently, however, there seems to be a Renaissance in paper beading on the internet. New techniques make the beads look nicer and the jewelry turns out cool looking.

Rabbit9 at Twisted Fibers Burrow is giving away her pattern for a Plarn grocery bag that looks almost exactly like a paper grocery bag.Β  Seriously.Β  You must go see!


Retro Housewife Goes Green shows off her recycled magazine gift bows and provides a link to the tutorial.Β  We all applaud her for starting in October to be ready for the holidays, and I like the one on the left best too.

If you’re still working on Halloween, though, here are a few ideas:

Craft Supplies

Leslie here at Crafting A Green World has been creating art with paint she made herself from sustainable materials.

I unintentionally kicked up a little controversy when I pointed out that bamboo isn’t always a 100% environmentally dreamy alternative to cotton as it is often portrayed.


Over at Paperhouse, Sarah some interesting thoughts on green, fashion, and crafting in Further On Fashion.Β  Take a look and see why she says that “Luxury fashion is racing to catch up with your knitting bag.”

Autumn here at Crafting A Green World started her series on what she learned about organizing an eco-friendly craft show.

See Red Thread Studio for some information about Candidates’ Positions on the Arts.Β  Whichever way you lean, it’s helpful to have position statements about a particular issue laid side by side.

Editors’ Choice

A couple of links that caught my eye recently outside of the Carnival submission process:

The Sustainability of Vintage Suits and Recycled Glove How-to: Make a Chipmunk Softie over at Etsy.

Did you know that “world-wide production of organic cotton rose by 152% in 2007/08 with 40% of this total coming from new projects“?Β  Retail demand is cited as the driver.

That’s all for this time. Don’t forget to submit your post for the next edition! Or your friend’s post! Or your dad’s post! If it’s green and crafty, we want it!

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