Book Page Party Decorations

book page poofs

Book Page Poofs

Making poofs out of heavier paper, like book pages, is a little bit trickier than the tissue paper variety. Book pages aren’t quite as malleable as tissue paper, so I’d choose books with the thinnest pages possible.

Book pages are also more brittle than tissue paper, so you want to work carefully when you unfold. Instead of pulling the petals apart, you kind of want to work your fingers between the folds and push them to avoid tearing the pages. You’ll probably still have a few tears, but that adds to the rustic look!


  • an old book – we used an old calculus text book
  • scissors
  • jewelry wire and a wire cutter
  • embroidery thread


1. Fold your paper into an accordion, using 1 1/2″ folds. You’re basically using the Martha method to create these poofs.

2. Twist your wire around the center of your folded piece of paper, and make a loop with the wire, which you’ll use to hang it later. Unlike the Martha poofs, the book page ones we made looked better when we didn’t trim the edges at all.

3. Ever so gently push the petals apart. Like I mentioned above, you don’t want to pull like you would with regular poofs, because your pages will tear. Just gently push them apart until you have a nice, poofy decoration.

4. Find that metal loop you made and tie the embroidery thread to it, so you can hang!

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