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  • Where Are The Men In Organic And Sustainable Fabrics?

    So I’ve been doing the Fabulous Fabrics series for a while, and I’ve been noticing something. HarmonyArt Organic Design, Amenity, Oliveira Textiles, Mod Green Pod, Rubie Green, Kirin & Co, Thea and Sami – all of the designers behind these wonderful fabrics are women. (Right?  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.) Michael Miller Organics stands […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: GreenFibres (UK) Organic Cotton Gauze and Nettle / Cotton Blend

    GreenFibres is a UK based online “eco goods and garments” shop which sells a number of hemp, linen, silk, and organic cotton fabrics by the yard.  Their cottons and linens are certified organic, and two of their fabrics are certified fair trade – others “are made under fair and safe working conditions.”  The fabrics they […] More

  • The Sixth Carnival of Green Crafts Is Up at Smidge!

    The fourth Carnival of Green Crafts is now posted at Smidge, and Kat has done a bang-up job of collecting some green crafty links for all of us to enjoy.  Thanks Kat! If you haven’t yet submitted something to the carnival, please send in a post for our next edition! We’d love to get your […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Why Bamboo Often Isn’t

    As sustainable fabrics go, bamboo certainly has buzz on its side.  I’ll admit to having fallen under its spell, though I ended up fairly unhappy with the durability of the socks and sheets I purchased while trying to avoid non-organic cotton. Living here in Austin, I can attest that under the right conditions, bamboo doesn’t […] More

  • Next Carnival of Green Crafts Coming Up!

    The sixth Carnival of Green Crafts is Thursday at Smidge. If you’re going to submit a post, why not do it today? If you’re not, why not?  We’d love to have you! Details here, or submit a post through the submission form. Previous editions of the Carnival of Green Crafts: First Carnival of Green Crafts […] More

  • Mosaics, Anyone? Recycled Glass To The Rescue!

    When Great Green Goods mentioned Bedrock Industries and their recycled glass robot people on Monday, I knew I should pop over and check it out.  Why?  Well, I love robots.  Who doesn’t?  But what actually caught my eye was this part of the Great Green Goods post: “They have a large selection of tile and […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Organic Cotton Flannel From Hemp Traders

    So there I was, looking through the HempTraders website.  Ah yes, I said to myself, they have all kinds of hemp and hemp blends.  Hemp knits, hemp stretch fabrics, hemp linen and muslin, hemp canvas, and even hemp / silk blends and satins.  They have hemp upholstery fabric too. Some of the fabrics are as […] More

  • Carnival of Green Crafts #5

    Welcome to the fifth Carnival of Green Crafts! Another carnival, another bunch of craft-a-licious green goodness.  A bunch of, um, somewhat disturbing craftiness.  Glue sniffing.  Hitting things with sticks.  Metal saws. What the heck are you people up to out there? Before we begin, a few administrative notes: The sixth Carnival will head to Canada […] More

  • Creativity 350 Winners Announced

    The winners of the Creativity 350 challenge have been announced! In the crafts section, the winner is 350 Save Mother Earth by PEACEANDALLTHATJAZZ. In the t-shirt design section, the winner is Equilibrium 350 by artoo1121.  See the winners here, and congratulations to both of them! As Kelly told us back in June, the Creativity 350 […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: Pippijoe Hemp (Australia)

    What is going on down under, folks?  There are some rockin’ fabric makers in Australia, Pippijoe is another great source for limited edition, hand screen printed fabrics.  They print on both a 55% hemp / 45% cotton blend and a 100% hemp fabric using environmentally friendly inks. The fabrics are described as “soft to touch […] More

  • Reminder: Submit to the Carnival of Green Crafts

    The fifth Carnival of Green Crafts is Thursday here at Crafting A Green World.  If you’re going to submit a post, why not do it today?  If you’re not, why not? Details here, or submit a post through the submission form. Previous editions of the Carnival of Green Crafts: First Carnival of Green Crafts Second […] More

  • Fabulous Fabrics: GreenSage Store

    GreenSage bills itself as a store for “sustainable building and furnishing.”  As part of that identity, they sell a number of natural, organic, and hemp fabrics – including the 100% hemp print you see here, which unfortunately for the hobby crafter is $50 per yard. Several times I’ve thought about whether to include a fabric […] More

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