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  • Yearn Worthy Yarn Store: Knit For Brains

    If you are looking for a yarn store online that will check all the eco approved boxes, this is it! Knit For Brains (a name that makes me giggle) carries all natural fiber yarns that are not only made of yummy fibers such as soy, corn, banana, milk, organic cotton and bamboo but they are all cruelty […] More

  • Eco Art Supplies Exist!

    I feel like I just found a unicorn! Trying to find a one stop shop for eco art supplies is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Even if you have some earth friendly crafting supplies here and there in big chain stores, what we all yearn for is that one store that has […] More

  • Girl Reconstructed: Upcycling Old Clothes Part 2

    A few weeks ago I wrote about the joys and environmental benefits to upcycling your old worn out duds into hot new creations. We asked that you send in some snazzy pics of your own upcycled fashion projects and this is moment of truth, where we crown a green crafting superstar! The First Runner Up is […] More

  • Girl Reconstructed: Upcycling Old Clothes

    Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle! In the wild wonderful world of crafting you know these are our way of life, in spite of what the mega big box craft stores would like us to think. So this week I set a goal: what can I do with only thrifted pre loved materials? Second hand stores are gleaming with […] More

  • DIY: Easy Eco Lingerie!

    If you’ve ever cruised the Internet & local boutiques for eco friendly lingerie you know right away that these tiny little intimates cost an entire day’s work (and then some). But the thought of turning back to slave made big box skivvies just does not feel sexy! To fuel my *ehem* addiction to having new earth lovin’ panties I […] More

  • DIY: Upcycle Old Jeans Into A Sexy Mini

    This is a fabulous fun mini skirt project that will leave you some left over scraps for a DIY ‘bring your own bag’ project after. Don’t fret, it’s quite easy to make those jeans into a denim mini! Supplies Needed : Funky jeans past their prime (beyond patching or your style threshold) Scissors Sewing machine […] More