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  • Old Broken Crayons? Not Anymore!

    I love coloring.  All of my best creative ideas come while I’m coloring on the pages of my day planner, or the grocery list, or my husband’s left arm.  I have tins and tins of crayons that I’ve collected throughout the years.  I am, also, a crayon purist.  Once a crayon breaks, I throw it […] More

  • Green is the New Red: Crafting a Green Valentine’s

    I see fat, winged babies in the gift card aisle.  I see rows upon rows of pink wrapped chocolates at every store I go to, even if it’s a tire shop.  I start seeing ads for “single awareness” parties.  This could only mean one thing… Valentine’s Day.  With V-day rapidly approaching, and no one forgetting […] More

  • Revive Your Sole/Soul With Shoe Stamps

    Shoes are something that most people have around.  There are the pair that lurk in your closet for months and you never wear, and there are shoes that you wear every day and now have big gaping holes.  When your shoes reach the end of their lifespan, here is a creative way to reuse the […] More

  • Lots of Fabric Scraps? Not When We’re Done With Them!

    After writing yesterday’s post about making a rag rug with extra fabric, I started thinking… “What about the pieces not big enough for a rug, but are big enough that I don’t want to toss them?”  Well, self, here is the answer!  For scraps at least 6 inches by 4 inches, you can make an […] More

  • Have Extra Fabric Laying Around? Make a Rag Rug!

    We’re in the process of making a long-distance move here at my house, from Northern Idaho to Central Oregon.  With that comes a lot of random pieces of clothing, old towels, or scraps of fabric that we don’t want to throw away, but aren’t in good enough shape to send off to Goodwill.  I was […] More

  • Keeping a Craft Room Green and Organized

    If you’re one of the lucky people that has enough space in their house to have a craft/art room, like myself, then you know how quickly things can become messy and cluttered after you’ve been working on a project.  Depending on if the project has a deadline or not, it can also mean that you […] More

  • Cardboard Boxes Make the Best Art

    I recently found out about this great collabortive art piece called The Box Doodle Project.  The idea is that you take a cardboard box that would otherwise be thrown out, and make art with it.  Their tagline is “Make the most of the least,” and I couldn’t agree with that more.  If you’ve got a […] More

  • Digital Vs. Paper; The Woes of Scrapbooking

    When I was in Highschool, there were a few scrapbooking fanatics that I knew and kept in contact with.  They had “scrapping parties” and talked about new papers they bought and how many pages they had made.  It seemed a kind of code, and I was not adept enough to break it.  As I grew […] More

  • Think Twice: Reusing Items for Double Duty

    I am all about making things last around my household.  If I can turn a bunch of men’s ties into a skirt, I’m as giddy as a little kid on Christmas.  Where one might see something destined to head to the landfill, I see a plethora of craft ideas just waiting for me to get […] More