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  • Recycled Plastic: Artist Call for Submissions

    Lark Books is a fantastic publishing company that brought us all kinds of art and craft books including the addictive “500 Series.” Every year they publish 60-70 new titles and invite artists to submit work to be included in future books. They now have a wonderful opportunity for artists that work with recycled plastics! I […] More

  • Recycled Jewelry: Where Has Your Jewelry Been?

    At the heart of the green crafting movement are artists using bizarre materials to make their crafts. I absolutely love making and wearing jewelry made out of unexpected materials. When has a gold heart necklace from the mall ever sparked a conversation in the way that a necklace made out of used car parts or […] More

  • Green Crafter Highlight: Meet Sweet Pepita!

    Even our littlest crafters deserve hip eco-friendly clothing, and that is exactly what you will find at Sweet Pepita. This green crafter extraordinaire dropped her metalsmithing tools for a sewing machine after the birth of her daughter Pepita, in an effort to make environmentally conscious and Pepita friendly clothing. She now makes the coolest hand […] More

  • Recycled Newspaper Crafts

    Here at Crafting in a Green World, we clearly like crafting with recycling paper! Emma’s post on maps and Autumn’s posts on recycling folded paper and Playing Card Bags made me want to risk the paper cuts to craft. I am discovering, through writing these blog posts, that I am pretty fascinated in paper crafts too. […] More

  • Recycled Glass Art

    I am having such a great time discovering artists using recycled materials in their crafts. I was so excited about this recycled glass artist, I could barely wait until Monday to share it with the CAGW readers! John Bassett has been making these amazing glass panels and sculptures since 1979, long before green crafting was […] More

  • Recycled Photo Collage

    I forgot how much fun it is to make a collage but after seeing this collage by Justyn Hegreberg, I can’t wait to dive in! Justyn’s work is so interesting and original because he uses recycled photographs (mostly doubles and blurry snapshots collected from Craigslist) and a paper shredder to create his signature look. I […] More

  • Upcycle!

    My new favorite word is “upcycle. “A German chemist Michael Braungart and architect William McDonough coined the term in their 2002 book, ‘Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.’ To upcycle simply means to use waste products to make useful things. Upcycling is what Tsia Carson, one of the brains behind SuperNaturale, is […] More

  • Green Craft Supply Alert!

    I have just discovered Smencils and had to share them with the world! Smencils are gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper. You can even see the layers of newspapers when they are sharpened! The Smencil World website not only offers original Smencils, but also a colored variety, mini kits and home kits for […] More

  • Have a Green Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day has become more of a headache then heartfelt for most. Poor men are inundated with commercials claiming that if they don’t go to a mall jewelry store, their lover’s family and friends will be completely disappointed in them. That little jewelry box must also be accompanied by chocolates, flowers and a card. And, […] More

  • New Life For Leftover Paint Chips

    We have all had that indecisive moment at the home improvement store. Standing there, staring at the wall of paint samples for what seems like hours, every color starts to blend into the next in the same way that too many perfume samples start to smell alike. There is so much pressure, you might have […] More

  • How to: Make Paper Beads out of Junk Mail

    Paper bead making is a great craft for your little fashionista and is pretty simple to do. Using only junk mail, a toothpick and glue, this project is an easy way to get in a casual lesson on green living. More

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