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  • Crafty Ways to Reuse Milk Jugs

    Milk jugs will NEVER degrade if they end up in a landfill.  So its important to recycle every jug that enters your house,  sometimes we try to get crafty with them first or find a totally new way to repurpose jugs. Some areas (*gasp*) don’t provide curbside recycling for plastics.  Please check Earth911 for places […] More

  • How to Make a Papier Mache Bowl

    Recycled Crafts: Make a Paper Bowl Tutorial

    This is a fun, easy project for adults or children. Get creative, think of interesting ways to decorate your bowl or use selected words from a magazine on your first and last layers to make it a word art bowl. More

  • Got Trash? Make Crafts

    There are days when my relatively crafty self looks at my piles of crafty-goodness and let’s out a long sigh… What on Earth can I create (or entertain all these kids) out of all this JUNK???? Enter Trash Matcher from Imagination Factory.  On the left side of the grid are types of trash (foil, paper, […] More

  • Reusable Shopping Bag: Another Crafty Reuse for T-Shirts

    I’m always on the lookout for creative uses for t-shirts. We have a bunch collecting dust in our closets and they are readily available at resale shops. We’ve all heard about the shirt quilt (it’s fun to make for a new college student’s dorm room), but what about curtains, valance, bedskirt, children’s clothing, diapers or […] More

  • Making Old Books into New Treasures

    Tonight I’ve been pondering crafts involving old books.  Obviously collector books, library quality books and books we just plain love get pampered and kept on our shelves and tables… What about the rest?  Obsolete manuals, damaged books, those which have only kind of survived the toddler years… where do they go, what do they become? […] More

  • Creating Adorable Baby Bums: Cloth Diapers

    If you sew your own (or others) cloth diapers, does that make you a crafter or an eco-conscious Mama?  Of course, it makes you both. Here are directions to make super cute diapers out of t-shirts.  How’s that for a reclaiming project?  The best part is you can put the fun saying or cute part […] More