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  • Fab Fabrics: Spoonflower Offers Organic Cotton

    Digital textile printing now available on organic cotton from Spoonflower! I sprang to my feet when I saw the message in my e-mail from Spoonflower this morning.  After much urging by eco icons including Betz White, Harmony Susalla and customers, they now offer digital textile printing on organic cotton!  The new 4.5 oz organic cotton sateen is certified organic by GOTS (Global […] More

  • Fab Fabrics: Organic Cotton Gift Wraps

    Wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper can be beautiful, but are extremely wasteful.  One no waste option is the art of Furoshiki, the Japanese method of wrapping gifts with a beautifully folded piece of cloth.  Chewing The Cud is making Furoshiki easier and more beautiful.  The fabric gift wrap becomes a gift in and […] More

  • Soak Fabric Wash

    I love everything Amy Butler, from her scrapbook papers to her eco gift wraps, and of course her fabric.  I peruse the Amy Butler Design site often to check for new things and I almost always find something delightful.  This time what I found wasn’t fabric or paper, but it does come in a gorgeous […] More

  • Fab Fabrics: Karma Kraft On Demand Fabric Printing and Sewing Services

    The popularity of on demand fabric printing continues to grow in the craft and design communities.  We have shared with you before a couple on demand printers like Spoonflower and Fabric On Demand.  Today I would like to introduce you to one of the newest on demand print services called Karma Kraft.  But Karma Kraft […] More

  • Eco Packaging: Etsy Shopping Ephemera

    Over the past week or so I have been sharing sources for Eco Packaging Handmade For You, because a popular tip for all crafters is to make your packaging creative. But we don’t all have time or our creativity is reserved for our fabulous products. There are however some sellers that truly excel at the […] More

  • Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Bags and Boxes

    I hope you are enjoying the Eco Packaging Handmade For You series. In today’s post we will be taking a look at some great handmade bags and boxes perfect for product packaging or even gift wrapping. In all things I believe in the KISS motto – Keep It Simple Silly, and packaging is no exception. […] More

  • Fab Fabrics: Swanky Swell

    I think it is important to support new indie designers and made in USA products.  On that note, I love these new fabrics by Swanky Swell.  I am currently gazing at my new sample pack and dreaming up all the wonderful things I can make with this beautiful fabric. More

  • Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Tags

    One of the simplest ways to embellish your products is to add a beautiful hang tag. You can have professionally printed hang tags made with your logo, but they always seem so sterile and lifeless. Instead consider buying handmade creative hang tags for a unique addition to each product. They also make a great place […] More

  • Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Let Them Know You Care

    You are doing your best to use handmade and recycled packaging.  You believe in reusing, reducing, and recycling.  Let your customers know that your care.  Stamp your commitment to the environment on every package you send.  Here are my favorite recycling stamps available on Etsy: More

  • Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Tapes and Ribbons

    One simple way to make your customers feel special when they open their purchase is to tie it up or tape it up in style.  In the first part of this series I showed you a variety of handmade eco packaging envelopes, but your special product packaging doesn’t have to end there.  Seal up your […] More

  • Fab Fabrics: Red Seed Studio

    There is this great husband and wife team in Australia that has blossomed into Red Seed Studios.  He designs, they print, and beautiful eco-friendly fabric panels and housewares are made.  Sam Messina and Ellie Beck are the creators of Red Seed Studio which showcases a range of hand screen-printed eco-friendly textiles.  I owe this find […] More

  • Eco Packaging Handmade For You: Envelopes

    One of the most prominent tips for Etsy sellers and others in the craft and handmade communities is to make your packaging special.  Your customer should feel special when opening their purchase.  Many crafts people excel in this area, the rest of us lack the time or inspiration to make beautiful, handmade packaging.  This week […] More

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