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  • Mandala Mania!

    Some of you may already be aware of the craze that is sweeping the Feudal lands. I am sure your masters and lords have taken the time to inform you, toiling serfs, of an art form delicate in its composition, fantastic in its successful rendition, and so green that burying it within your rice paddies […] More

  • Election Season Crafting!

    It’s election season ladies and gentlemen! I mean, well, it’s been election season since the beginning of the year but now we’re into the final rounds; the all-out, smack-down, Thunderdome two-men-enter-one-man-leaves, thick of the fight. What better way to voice your support for your particular candidate and focus attention on the issues you care about […] More

  • Folk Art and You!

    What better way to start making art out of your supposedly useless junk than to learn from our forefathers (and mothers)? Our wasteful generation, so used to disposing of whatever we are bored with or whose intended purpose has been fully utilized, is just now learning to maximize the resources we possess. Our grandparents, of […] More

  • Plausible Uses for your Everyday Junk!

    Living in the Western world, we Americans aren’t quite attuned to the disposal of used chopsticks. It simply isn’t that big of a problem, as we hurl food into our gaping maws with spiky metal shovels. Generally speaking, the only time we chop down forests in order to feed ourselves is when McDonald’s expands its […] More

  • Holy Lord, That’s Not Trash!

    Let’s face it, we are perhaps the most wasteful society the world has ever seen. Earlier civilizations would look at our heaping, rotting, contaminating piles of rubbish and salivate at the vast wealth contained ever so compactly beneath the ground. We live in a nation so embedded with wealth that we crumple and toss everything […] More