A Review of Bottle Art by Cindy Shepard

When you first pick up this book up you might not think there is a lot to it because it is so thin, but once you open it you discover that it is chock full of brilliant and beautiful ways to reuse, repurpose and upcycle old bottles.

Bottle Art by Cindy Shepard uses every single inch of space in this thin book to give you full color photos and detailed instructions on how to make many beautiful bottle art projects.

Cindy has many types of projects with numerous detailed tutorials within each category and type of project.

She starts off with the basics of bottle art which includes tools, safety precautions and directions on how to cut glass.

Then you get into the projects- photo holders, drinking mugs and glasses, hang ups, bell bottles, terrariums, chalkboard menu bottles (I love these, paint bottles with chalkboard paint to use instead of regular chalkboards- gives off a very Italian restaurant vibe- love it), and decoupage bottles.

In another section, Cindy details how to make assorted tableware from old bottles; chip bowls, toothpick holders, serving bowls, salsa bowls, cheese trays (this is a flattened wine bottle like the ones I have been fawning over on Etsy), even an oil lamp bottle. How cool would that be to turn a wine bottle into an oil lamp?

For those who love the tinkle of chimes there are several wind chime tutorials that incorporate pieces of wine bottle glass and pretty wire to make sparkling wine bottle wind chimes.

Bottle Art also give details about how to mix polymer clay and glass to make great art projects, as well as how to solder and make glass and wire projects.

You’ll even find cute sand art projects, a snow globe project, and sun catchers.

Then last but not least- jewelry. That’s right you can even make jewelry with pieces of wine bottles! You’ll find directions on how to make earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants.

Of course you don’t have to use just wine bottles- those are often just the handiest and most colorful selection of bottles around. Not to mention very abundant. Even if you don’t drink wine you can often collect them from local restaurants or bars. They are a plentiful resource. You can grab them and make something new before they head off to the recycling center (or eek-the landfill).

Granted some of the projects require a kiln – which I don’t have lying around and most of you probably don’t either, but many of the projects require the right tools to cut and sand the glass with no melting required.

If you are into glass art or looking for something new to try, this could be the thing.

I am a wine lover and have a kitchen and dining room devoted to wine art and wine bottle art. Some of these projects are definitely going on my to-do list.

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  3. I Just recieved Cindy's Book "Bottle Art"
    Have two questions: Where can I find the Butane Microtorch ? and
    The name and where I can find the 2 part epoxy ?

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