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How to Make a Holiday Bunting

These buntings make lovely party decorations, but our own “merry” bunting is enjoying pride of place in our home all year, right next to our Christmas tree.

9 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Less Holiday Waste

9 Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Waste-Free Holiday

Whether you’re lovingly creating handmade gifts for your whole list or decided to shop for most of your gifts this year, a little handmade gift wrapping adds some extra heart. Here are some DIY gift wrapping ideas that cost less and waste less.

Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Holiday Crafts: Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Got a few last-minute Christmas gifts to wrap?

Don’t stress out about cute wrapping paper, matching bows, and festive tags. If you’ve got some chalk and a little creativity, you’ve got almost everything you need to create a nicely-wrapped present with chalk art embellishments.

painted christmas tree t shirt

Holiday Crafts: Christmas Tree T-shirt with Vintage Button Ornaments

One of your kid’s T-shirts (at least!) has a mystery stain that nothing will remove.

Here’s an easy way to make that gross shirt look brand-new, completely concealing that ugly stain while adding an adorable festive motif! All you need are fabric paints, vintage buttons, and a creative kid to do the art.

DIY Christmas Ornaments from Your Recycle Bin

Holiday Crafts: Filled Christmas Ornaments

Got some teeny-tiny treasures?

Some scrap craft supplies?

How about just some of the colored sand or rice or pony beads that your kids play with?

If you do (and you totally do!), then you’ve got almost all the makings for an easy, special, stash-busting Christmas ornament craft.

Holiday Craft How-to: DIY Gift Candles

After a little too much time on Pinterest this past weekend, the wife and I decided to try our hands at making a few DIY gift candles for some of our friends and family. I can’t say the project was a complete success (more on that in a minute), but we were able to put a bunch of our saved-up mason and jam jars to good use and ended up with more than a dozen cute gift candles. Not bad, I thought, for a first attempt!

Thanksgiving Nature Crafts

Holiday Crafts: Leaf-Carved Pumpkin

Fortunately, the kiddos were perfectly happy with my suggestion that we carve the pumpkins into something appropriate for Thanksgiving, not Halloween, and that’s how we ended up with our leaf-carved pumpkins. They’re festive without being spooky, use real leaves as stencils, and are, thankfully, just as fun to carve as Jack-o-lanterns are.

Holiday Crafts: Halloween Crafts Made from Recycled Materials

Want an eco-friendly Halloween? This is the place to be, and now is the time to start!

Check out these green Halloween projects, all of which are made using recycled materials. Whether you’re looking for costumes or decorations, we’ve got you covered.

Handmade Holidays: 25 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Uh oh! Did you realize that there are some folks that slipped through the cracks on your Christmas list? Don’t despair! We’ve got some simple handmade last-minute gift ideas that you can whip up for anyone on your list.

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