Craft Your Style DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts

Published on May 18th, 2016 | by Julie Finn


Two Dozen DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts that You Must Try!

DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts

Go out right now and thrift yourself some old Scrabble games, because you have GOT to try these DIY Scrabble tile crafts!

1. chalkboard tilesBecause why use Scrabble’s letters when you could write your own?

2. embellished end tableThrift enough Scrabble games, and you can tile ANYTHING!

3. embellished napkin ringsLiven up some old napkin rings with this easy project.

4. engagement photo propScroll through the slideshow until you find it. Brilliant, right?

5. greeting cardThe tiles fit right into the collage!

6. holiday displayScroll down to see it–with the right colors, you could make this work for any occasion.

7. miniature wreathThis tute uses the wreath as an ornament, but it would also look just right on a dollhouse.

8. personalized clothespinsThis method would also work to personalize coat hooks or cubbies.

DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts9. personalized Scrabble tile greeting cardHere’s a kid-friendly way to make a greeting card for a special someone.

10. personalized Scrabble tile ornamentsThe secret trick behind this method is a popsicle stick!

11. Scrabble tile braceletElastic cording makes sure that this bracelet fits all sizes.

12. Scrabble tile charmsThese little charms are easy to make.

13. Scrabble tile cupcake flagsJust glue Scrabble tiles to bamboo skewers!

14. Scrabble tile drink coasterThese keep liquids off of your table while saying something super clever, I’m sure.

15. Scrabble tile earringsThe process is the same as used to make the pendants below.

DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts16. Scrabble tile magnetsIf you use the same glue that I did, they’ll be cured and ready to use in under an hour.

17. Scrabble tile ornamentThese are quick and easy to make, and so cute!

18. Scrabble tile pendantI think that these look so lovely, and you’d never know that there’s a Scrabble tile underneath.

DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts19. Scrabble tile pendant with embellishmentsWhether it’s jewelry findings or teensy buttons, here’s how to add them to your pendant.

20. Scrabble tile plant markersUse a really strong adhesive for this, so that the tiles won’t pop off in the rain.

21. Scrabble tile pushpinsThe tute also includes instructions for making a pinboard out of a Scrabble game.

22. shadowboxUse lots of teensy little embellishments and a typesetter’s tray for this project.

23. wine glass charms. You can invite 26 people to your party!

24. wood burned Scrabble tile pendantsBecause why use Scrabble’s letters when you could wood burn your own?

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