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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by Bonnie Getchell


Holiday Crafts: Repurpose a Wooden Spool into a Pumpkin

Holiday Crafts: Repurpose a Wooden Spool into a Pumpkin

Looking for quick and easy holiday crafts for Halloween? Repurpose a wooden spool into a mini pumpkin!

I have a small collection of wooden spools and I’ve been scouring Pinterest to find the perfect way to repurpose them (you can see these ideas in our Upcycled Craft Ideas board). Some of my favorites were painted thread spools and Halloween monster spools. All of the spool projects inspired me to repurpose a few of my wooden spools into adorable pumpkins!

What You Will Need:

1. An empty thread spool

Holiday Crafts: Repurpose a Wooden Spool into a Pumpkin

2. Orange paint. If you can, use an eco-friendly paint like Blick’s Green Series Tempera.

3. A small paint brush

4. A black permanent marker

5. A small stick

6. Scissors

How To Do It:

1. Paint the spool with orange paint. Then, let it dry.

Holiday Crafts: Repurpose a Wooden Spool into a Pumpkin

2. With your permanent marker, draw a fun face on the spool. I’m an awful artist, so I asked my roomie to make a mustache face pumpkin, just like the Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins she helped me make last year.

3. Find a small stick outside. I chose a stick that could easily fit in the hole of my spool. I put it inside the hole, and then cut it to size. You can glue it into place if you want, but mine stayed in place on its own.

Is it bad that I feel like creating an entire family of pumpkin spool people? They’re just so small and cute!

Here are some ideas for your spool pumpkins:

  • Have your child make several pumpkins with different kinds of faces on each one; then, discuss different types of emotions.
  • Create a group of pumpkins to decorate your mantle.
  • Make a pumpkin (with or without the faces) for each of the table settings at your green Thanksgiving.
  • Give a pumpkin to each of your friends as a party favor at your next fall gathering.

What would you do? Share your ideas with us!

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