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Published on February 8th, 2014 | by Becky Striepe


21 DIY Men’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

21 DIY Men's Valentine's Day GiftsNeed some ideas for DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts? We’ve got a whole slew of them!

I love making gifts by hand, but when it comes to DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts, I sometimes draw a blank. Even after over a decade together, I have a tough time finding that balance between sweet-lovey-dovey and practical when it comes to gifts for him. I have a feeling that I’m not alone here, so I’ve rounded up a ton of DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gifts for you to choose from!

Homemade Bath Salts

1. Homemade Manly Bath Salts – Soothing, earthy bath salts are perfect for a stressed-out fella.

2. Soothing Buckwheat Eye Pillow – These eye pillows would make a great gift to go with those bath salts!

3. Upcycled Neck Warmer – Does your guy have a long commute on foot? Keep him warm!

4. Etched Mustache Glasses – Thrifted glasses get a little personalization!

5. Fallen Branch Slingshot - Is your guy a kid at heart?

6. Homemade Sugar Scrub – Check out the Kahlua sugar scrub!

7. Hand Drawn Mug - Use a thrift store mug!

8. DIY Kitchen Herb Garden - Is he a cook or a gardener? Give him a mini garden planted in reclaimed tin cans.

9. Homemade Kahlua – If your guy is into cocktails, make him a craft liqueur!

10. Hand-Mixed Chai Tea – Is he more a tea-drinker than a boozer? A custom tea blend is the perfect DIY men’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Plum Basil Tequila

11. Plum-Basil Tequila – His margaritas will be more special than ever. Include a hand-written tag with the Plum Tuckered Margarita recipe!

12. Mason Jar Koozie – Make this a vegan project by making a thick fabric strap in place of the leather strip.

13. Bike Handlebar Bag – Any bike commuter would love this simple solution for stashing pocket items while he’s pedaling.

14. Paperback Wallet – Did his favorite book bite the dust? Gift him with a wallet made from the cover, so he can always have part of it with him.

15. Rustic Pencil Holder – A great gift for an artist who needs a little help with tool-wrangling.

16. Burlap Wine or Booze Bag – Get him a bottle of his favorite wine, a bomber of fancy organic beer, or his favorite spirits, and package it in eco-friendly burlap.

17. Luggage Strap Cover – Does he travel a lot? This little cover makes his bag stand out at the luggage carousel and is a perfect stash-buster for your fabric scraps.

18. Photo Coasters -  Use tiles from the restore or that you have in the garage from an old home improvement project.

19. Upcycled Kindle Case – Keep his favorite gadgets safe!

20. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser -  Instead of buying a new bottle of soap, you can save the nozzle from one of your own when it runs out or order a nozzle on its own.

21. Dino Jars – Grab some reclaimed glass jars and thrift store plastic toys to make these sweet upcycled storage jars.

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